Specialized Services

Our firm is devoted to high individualized service. Unlike large law firms that handle a large volume of cases where clients get lost in the shuffle, our firm carefully reviews cases within our area of practice. We are interested not in handling large number of cases but in handling a select number of cases thoroughly. Our selectivity permits us to provide very careful attention to the needs of each of our clients. Every member of our staff is familiar with every client and every client’s case. This approach allows the highly personalized attorney client relationship for which our firm prides itself on. Phones calls are not made to anonymous staff members but to people who know about and care about your case.

Our work for your case is only performed on a contingency basis. That means we charge no fee and receive no fee unless we are successful in recovering money on your behalf. While the process of case evaluation and review can be costly, particularly in terms of our time and the cost of investigation and expert services and expert review, this is a service which we provide to you proudly. It is our commitment to the needs of our clients and their families.

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